• PlayStation Network Down For The Count
    The other month when I wrote the article "If You Can't Beat Them, Invite Them In" about Sony's response to PlayStation hackers, I wasn't being as literal as Sony seems to have been. In what is anticipated to be the second largest exposure of consumer data from a corporate network breach, Sony's PlayStation Network has been hacked, and is down for the count.
  • EA Sports Takes Steps To Dominate Social Gaming
    At the recent MI6 Game Marketing Conference, EA Sports honcho Peter Moore issued a challenge to competitors in the world of social games, including market leader Zynga. EA Sports is planning on dominating Facebook, leveraging its stable of existing properties like Madden Football and FIFA Soccer, two of the dominant sports franchises in the gaming world. "There's a big dog in front of us," he said. "But we aren't far behind, and we're confident that we can catch up. What we can bring to the market in terms of blue-chip IP is phenomenal."
  • Fearing Canada: Is Google Our Last Hope?
    Digital entertainment, gaming included, would seem to be entering a golden age. Access, usage, diversity of content and audiences, sound financial models -- all of these things should be taking us to a nirvana of sorts, populated by iPads, flat-screen TVs and advanced set-top boxes, and smartphones. There's just one problem. The foundation of our digital paradise has been built on a swamp.
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