• Best Buy Enters Used Game Market As Devs Rail Against It
    Game publishers and developers hate it when people buy pre-owned games. Most of them keep relatively quiet about it, but this week, THQ's Cory Ledesma called out patrons of Gamestop and other used game sellers when he announced that people who buy used games will have to pay a fee for many features of upcoming THQ games, including online play.
  • 'Fable III' Gets Game Marketing
    Nearly two years ago, I was gushing over the marketing for "Fable II." It was really on the forefront of using virtual goods as a reward for pre-release interest and ordering. Today, nary a game doesn't have some in-game reward for out-of-game behaviors. Deciding between which retailer's pre-order bonus to select has become a mental chore for many a gamer. So as the release date for "Fable III" has neared, I've been eagerly awaiting what form the marketing would take. And I haven't been disappointed.
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