• Epic Gear
    In the popular online game "World of Warcraft," players spend a great deal of time and energy trying to acquire really good gear, called "epics." It's now high time for offline epics.
  • The Video Game Violence Myth
    Only hours after the tragic events on Monday, before the identity of the shooter was even known, video games were being mentioned as the primary influencing factor behind the shootings. From Fox News, to Jack Thompson -- the systematic rabble rouser on the topic -- to Dr. Phil, all levied charges against video games. And I'd be willing to wager that in the near future there will be some government figure pointing a finger and pushing for a bill regulating this "threat."
  • Will MSN Win IM Advantage Through Gaming?
    MSN Messenger, Microsoft's instant messaging app, has always played second fiddle to AOL Instant Messenger. But thanks to Microsoft's presence in the gaming world, this hierarchy might be about to change.
  • 'SouthPark' Bypasses TV, Takes HD 360
    Recently, Comedy Central televised its first episode of "SouthPark" in HD. The catch is that Comedy Central doesn't broadcast in HD. Augmenting its traditional distribution channels of cable and satellite TV operators, Comedy Central partnered with the Xbox360 to deliver the episode, aptly entitled "Good Times With Weapons," in high definition. To the best of my knowledge, this makes "SouthPark" the first network TV show to bypass its traditional distributors to offer a superior product via digital distribution -- in this case, a major video game platform.
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