• Throw-Down Marketing
    When I was in first grade, I thought that war should really be settled by board game. So it comes as a welcome surprise to see that the rappers Bow Wow and The Game have decided to challenge each other not to a quickdraw, but to a game of "Madden '09." The stakes? $100k, to be donated by the loser to charity.
  • In Ill-Conceived Move, Game Publishers Target File-Sharers
    In a move that worked so well for the RIAA, five video game publishers -- Atari, Codemasters, Reality Pump, Techland and Topware Interactive -- have decided to go after 25,000 file-sharers who have been allegedly violating their intellectual property rights and distributing their games online.
  • Playing In The Clouds
    Today's ephemeral buzz may very well be tomorrow's new wave of products. One of the buzz items that caught my attention this week was a leaked video of a potential virtual world connected to one of the MySpace co-founders, Brad Greenspan. This virtual world has an interesting angle -- it's built on an engine called OTOY, which is a graphics engine that does its rendering in a "cloud."
  • Second Mid-Life Crisis
    Second Life, which allows users an extremely high level of freedom compared to competing virtual worlds, is heading towards becoming more regulated. The big issues is advertising.
  • Gaming Notes
    Rather than talking about one specific topic this week, I'm going to briefly mention several things that caught my eye....
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