• Video Game Consoles Amp Up The Video
    Game consoles are continuing their stealthy takeover of the living room. We've been seeing this trend for a while, but the pace is accelerating as the holiday season approaches.
  • The Video Game Hype Machine
    Early next month, Bioware's "Dragon Age: Origins" will launch, putting the exclamation point on over three years of hype. The title was first announced at E3 in 2004, and as of today there are 101 pieces of media associated with the game on GameTrailers.com, with over 3 million downloads, about 10,000 YouTube videos, both user- and fan-uploaded, and a full year of DLC planned out. The character creation tool for the game has already been released.
  • Is 'World of Warcraft' A Loyalty Program?
    What's the difference between "World of Warcraft" and a loyalty program? Surprisingly little. Blizzard (now Activision Blizzard) has made an empire out of games that don't end. From "Diablo" to "World of Warcraft," these are bestselling hits predicated on a simple formula: Make your customer an addict
  • Xbox Looks To Have The Jump On Motion
    Big developments in the motion control space recently, with Sony and Microsoft offering new details on what titles will be used to launch their own entrances into the world of motion-controlled games, which has thus far been wholly domminated by the Nintendo Wii.
  • Why Aren't Casual Ads Stepping Up?
    First of all, I'd like to note that two weeks ago when I said it was only a matter of time until a brand used DLC to push retail product, I hadn't expected it would only be a week. The" Star Wars" Third Season Blu-Ray includes an exclusive T-shirt for the upcoming "Star Wars" MMO. But seeing this got me thinking: Why haven't we seen more innovative ad formats become standard practice in casual gaming?
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