• 'Starcraft 2': Success Without Innovation
    If you're reading this column, you probably don't need me to tell you that (1) "Starcraft 2" came out this week, and (2) it's probably the biggest PC. gaming story of the decade. Gamers have been anticipating the latest installment of the franchise for 12 years; while they waited; they've been playing its predecessor incessantly. But despite its absolutely glowing reviews, "Starcraft 2" isn't the game it could've been
  • Google + Zynga = Profit?
    A fascinating bit of news popped up this week (besides Hulu Plus being made available now for PlayStation Plus subscribers): Google has invested over a hundred million dollars in Zynga. This could prove a very interesting partnership for three key reasons.
  • The Real World of Warcraft
    If you ever want to be really, really insulted, a great place to go is the World of Warcraft forums. They've grown to be one of the largest online gaming communities on the Web, and they've had a huge problem with trolling, aimed both at moderators and at users. Trolling is so common on these forums, forum trolls have debates among themselves about which of them is the funniest.
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