• Should Adobe Build An Ad Network?
    Adobe is at an interesting crossroads. In terms of online media, the company is on top of the world, with incredibly high adoption rates of the Flash standard. But for mobile devices and systems in the living room, the company is furiously trying to expand its market, and is doing a pretty good job. This expanded footprint begs the question: Should Adobe think about advertising potential?
  • Games For Adults
    Whenever a controversy around video game censorship arises, the main argument advanced by the anti-censorship side is that video games simply aren't for kids anymore -- as the hobby has matured, M-rated games are becoming more common, and more "adult" games that deal with serious themes are coming out. But to a certain extent, this argument rings a little hollow....
  • The Power Of Personalized Content
    "Mass Effect 2" was released last week, and it's been an amazing experience. I was a fan of the first game, and even wrote about the psychological tricks it employed to add a feeling of personalization to what was mostly generic content. The second installment has reinforced and increased my desire for more interactive and personalized content, even if without the game elements. There are two things I've noticed with the most recent title that are worth considering: the emotional impact of forced projection, and the redefinition of water-cooler conversation.
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