• The Gaming Niche
    Congratulations to "The Guild" and creator Felicia Day. The online mini-series, which premiered its first season last year to much acclaim and over nine million views, has worked out a very interesting deal with Microsoft for the second season. The show creators will retain rights to the content and revenue for non-game related channels, but Microsoft gets an early premiere of the content and rights to sell advertising with an unspecified revenue split throughout the initial series run.
  • Sony Gets Overzealous Moderating Gaming UGC
    "LittleBigPlanet," which was slated to be one of Sony's biggest exclusive releases this year, has been causing Sony no end of headaches, first with a launch delay to apply a patch removing lyrics from the Koran from the game's musical track, and most recently with a community blowup surrounding the moderation of user-created content. Early in the game's lifecycle, it seems that Sony and Media Molecule, the game developer, were a bit overzealous when it came to taking down user-designed levels for age-inappropriate content and copyright infringement.
  • Reality Check
    This past week an article from ClickZ got some love for its extreme take on the state of the industry. Which was of course that consoles are going to die to the masses of newer, younger casual games. Of course, the author of the ClickZ article didn't actually qualify any of his opinions with numbers. I mean, it's obvious that casual games are going to eat consoles alive, right?
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