• Konami's War Game Kill Makes Little Sense
    Today, Konami announced that it was dropping one of the most controversial titles of the year -- Atomic Games' FPS take on the Iraq War, titled "Six Days in Fallujah."
  • 'GTA'"s Double Take
    The strategists at Take-Two have a problem on their hands. They made the best-reviewed game ever for the Nintendo DS. And no one seems to care.
  • 'City Of Heroes' Update Important Step In Customized Gaming
    Almost a year ago, this column touched on a planned update for the superhero MMO "City of Heroes," which would allow users to create and share their own custom missions for the game. Yesterday, the Mission Architect, as the feature is now called, officially launched after a beta period in which 5,000 missions were created in a 2-week period.
  • Gaming Secured
    A very interesting bit of news dropped recently that is going to have profound effects reaching well beyond gaming: Blizzard just created a "Mobile Authenticator" application for the iPhone.
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