Marketing Daily
Friday, November 25, 2011
  • Progressive Insurance's Messenger Is The Message

    CMO Jeff Charney tells "Marketing Daily" that the raffish charisma of actor John Jenkinson, whom Progressive tapped to create the Messenger character in 2010 ... Read the whole story

  • NYSE Generates Interest Via Yahoo Campaign

    A Yahoo mobile and social campaign for the New York Stock Exchange generated click-through rates 50% greater than a standard mobile campaign and Facebook ... Read the whole story

  • Holiday Liquor Spots: Yellow Tail Jumps Ahead

    Scores of Yellow Tail bottles gobble away as they scramble to arrange themselves into the shape of a turkey, and position the wine as ... Read the whole story

  • QR Codes Promote Coke's Campaign Despite Challenges

    ScanBuy will support QR codes appearing on "tens of billions of Coca-Cola cups" available at 7-Eleven, Subway and other locations. The codes will promote ... Read the whole story

  • 7 Digital Trends You Should Know

    Changes in the digital world of marketing keep coming fast and furious. One thing most marketers do know by now is that digital marketing ... Read the whole story