Marketing QSR Weekly
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
  • Restaurant Chain Portillo's Outlines Growth Hopes In IPO Filing

    Fast-casual chain is known for serving hot dogs, sausages, chocolate cake in locations with themed decors, all different. Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Super-Sizes Its Food Tray In New Ad

    The fast-food giant's ubiquitous food tray has always been about "Me, me, me," but McD's wants it to be more about "We, we, we." Read the whole story

  • YouTube Brings Performance To CTV Ads

    Performance advertisers can now, for the first time, take advantage of YouTube on CTV to drive and measure conversion through the expansion of Video … Read the whole story

  • Taco Bell Celebrates National Taco Day With International Campaign

    "Taco IRL" campaign aims to get smart phone users to message a taco emoji to a designated number to get a free taco. Read the whole story

  • Spark Foundry Uses Taco Emoji To Activate Taco Bell Giveaway

    To celebrate National Taco Day, Spark Foundry created a campaign for Taco Bell enabling WhatsApp users to turn their "taco emojis" into tacos they … Read the whole story

  • Facebook CTO Apologizes For Outage

    Security experts tracking the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outages say they could have been triggered by a configuration error or could be the result … Read the whole story