• Remind, Renew, Retain
    A common misperception is that customer retention is the domain of sales, account management or the services department. Yet, marketing departments are key to nurturing and building a continuing relationship with existing customers in many ways, including the development and enhancement of the brand perception, expansion of customer share, and product marketing.
  • Challenging The Synergy Between Marketing And Customer Service
    Marketers must partner with their fellow departments to learn what customers really want from your organization. With this type of communication, information sharing and collaboration, you can be better equipped now than ever before to deliver on both your customers' wants and needs, and your businesses' bottom lines.
  • What's a Scavenger Hunt Without A Rubber Chicken?
    Sometimes all we need is a trigger that helps us get out of the day to day. Something that helps remind us that it's not all about goals, revenue, etc. If you don't have a relationship with your clients going forward, you're vulnerable.
  • Let Customers Create New Ideas For You
    Consumers are far more creative than we give them credit for and in that creativity, you will find smart ideas. Accelerate your innovation and product development efforts by creating a "voice of the customer" system that allows you to collaborate on new products and get instantaneous feedback on new ideas.