• Why 'Conversion' Is Not The Most Important Metric
    Find ways to accurately measure pre-purchase customer behavior in a multi-channel environment, and then apply a process to transform the data into actions that enhance the customer experience and improve your bottom line.
  • The New ROI: Return On Interaction
    Many organizations tend to deflect customers to other channels with the intent to reduce costs, and this is where they may go wrong. For some interactions they should actually implement a strategy that increases live agent experiences, creating an opportunity to build customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Display Advertising As Guerrilla CRM
    Analytics give us so much data that we can get tunnel vision and forget the importance of building and protecting our brands. It's more important than ever to stay top-of-mind with customers, and traditional methods alone don't cut it. Only by thinking outside the box will you find the relationship-building techniques that will set you apart from the competition.
  • The Democratization Of Customer Relationship Management
    The challenge focuses on getting customers to love your company, which requires businesses to place more effort on the "R" in CRM while worrying much less about the "M." How to get started? Here are some suggestions.