Give It One Finger Or The Whole Hand?
    In conversation with a prospective client recently, the team was asked to justify the move to CRM and what that would look like. While I checked the calendar to be sure it was 2011 and not 2001, we moved to convocation about what CRM really means to brands and what is the best definition.
    Your Customers Are Your Sales Force!
    Every day, it becomes easier and easier for your competitors to reach your customers. That's not an opinion; it's reality. Look at all the opportunities they have: Groupon coupons, social media information bombardment, Google placement and advertisements, Rue La La ... the Internet has opened doors that no one dreamed existed ten or even five years ago. How can you compete?
    Free Is The Most Expensive Price
    Clients or prospects will often ask for the "free trial." Therefore, wherever I worked in sales, sales management or executive management, I have made it a point to communicate to my sales people and to customers and prospects that nothing is truly free.
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