• A Conversation On The Role Of Big Data In Marketing And Customer Service
    Big data is here! And, marketers are one of the professional groups that stand to gain the most from these new-found capabilities to analyze data that, until recently, would have been too complex to capture, store and make sense of. Behind the hype lies a golden opportunity for marketers and customer service to help their organizations get ahead of the competition. Cutting through all the noise can be a challenge, so it's important to understand what big data can achieve, what data is most useful, and how to go about using it.
  • SCRAM! -Harnessing Social Customer Relationship Application Management
    If you've been following the trends recently in Social Media you are no doubt watching a new revolution taking hold; brands and retailers creating customer tools using SCRAM and reaping the benefits of the data it provides.
  • It's Not Just About The Shopping Cart
    I've been talking a lot lately about chatter marketing (I literally wrote the book on it!) and I'm still often taken aback when I see companies that are not using the easiest component of chatter marketing to put the R back in CRM: the concept of website reengagement.
  • CRM: Customer Rolodex Management
    Years ago, CRM was merely the management of a Rolodex. In fact, one's Rolodex was one's badge of honor. Good sales people were characterized as "having a good Rolodex." People were hired away from competitors because of their Rolodex. If you had a new boss, it was decided whether they were good or bad based on their Rolodex, and, ultimately, if you were given access. Your Rolodex became part of your bio, your CV and even your professional DNA. I once heard a colleague say that someone had a Rolodex so big it would "choke a horse"; that was a ...