• Social Media Webcasting And Corporate Social Media ... Oxymorons?
    Agencies are having a bonanza consulting large enterprises on the uses of social media. But this honeymoon might soon be over as more and more companies realize that they are creating an inerasable digital footprint. Agencies might be making money now, but soon will it be the lawyers?
  • The New CRM: Connected Relationship Marketing
    Remember that your CRM technology is great for gathering and mining data, but that it doesn't help when it comes to implementation. So, do your research to find technology that does. From there, you can sit back and observe your newly connected brand while your consumers repay you with loyalty, and your competitors fade into the background.
  • Go 'Full Spectrum' With Your Organizational Decisions
    Companies must begin to leverage the full spectrum of rich data sources that surround them both internally and externally, structured and unstructured. Only then will we be enabled to make smart "blink-like" decisions on both the personal and organizational level.
  • How Did We Lose The 'R'?
    This is the next wave of the Internet experience. To date, it has been the consumer that has been empowered by the Internet; now it's time for great companies to leverage the Internet ... and put the R back in CRM.
  • Mobile And CRM Today
    There's probably a place for mobile CRM in your marketing plan. But it's not going to supercharge anything unless you've got the basics in place. So start small, hire a trustworthy partner, test and scale.