Applying 2010 Lessons To Influence The Customer Experience Of 2011
    Like Paul, industry analysts are predicting the pull that analytics technology will have in mining both structured and unstructured data -- moving it to the top of the shopping list for many in 2011. When wrapped around customer service and marketing efforts, the impact can be significant in growing and maintaining a loyal fan base. Perhaps it's worth considering such a theme for your New Year's resolution in the coming month -- the power of a loyal customer following is what will set global organizations apart.
    Social Media, The Fifth P And The Five Rs
    As with the classic four Ps, when organizations embed the five Rs in their operations, they must ensure that they strike the right balance among them. Too much or too little of any one of the dimensions will very quickly and very publicly expose the organization's lack of authenticity and, ultimately, undermine not just the social media opportunity, but also the brand.
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