• The Omni-channel Approach: An Upgrade
    Multi-channel tactics are to customer care what green screen terminals are to personal computing. Multi-channel is full of siloed approaches, disparate decisions about what you think the customer may want, and provide very limited options for your customer to move between the channels you think they may want.
  • 'It's The (Database) Economy, Stupid!'
    Years ago, notorious political mouthpiece, James Carville (who "Family Guy" patriarch Peter Griffin hilariously dubbed "Scary Clown") uttered the phrase that many credited as a turning point to get Bill Clinton elected; "It's the economy, stupid." Succinct and to the point, this rallying cry was more about getting back to basics rather than drumming up something new, fancy and eloquent.
  • Integrating Email, Social, And CRM
    Email marketing is most effective when content is sent in a timely manner to customers and prospects based on specific actions they take. That's CRM at its finest, after all: responding to the customer's actions and expressed desires.
  • The New CRM: Content Relationship Marketing
    Advances in technology, particularly mobile, provide companies with expanding platforms to reach their target customers. Smartphones, tablets and desktop computers can extend audience reach, but is the content shared through these vehicles resonating with your intended audience? Is it building and/or maintaining relationships? Does it provide a third-party view of your organization?