Achieving The Best Customer 'Perception Of Value'
    By emphasizing what helps people solve their problems, marketers not only capture their attention, they're in a better position to change their behavior -- which people and companies don't do easily or often. Further, by highlighting a product's unique advantages and features, differentiating how and why the product is superior to competitors', marketers build a case for making a decision using parameters other than price.
    Not Another Annoying Customer Survey!
    Explore seven pitfalls to avoid, along with tips and best practices that can help ensure customer feedback survey success.
    Customer Lifetime Value
    We need to focus our attention on metrics that bring the long-term health of an organization into view. CLV is one of those metrics, where you track the future profits generated, properly discounted to reflect the time value of money. I believe we're currently witnessing movement where metrics such as CLV, client retention rate, and long-term contract value are considered assets that should be reported on financial statements.
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