• Three Steps To Dealing With Data Paralysis
    Be honest: do you know what you're doing with all of your data, or does it feel like it's just too much? If it's the latter, you're certainly not alone. As brands strive to determine what's influencing people to love, like, or share their brand, data has become more important than ever before. Very simply - data can impact sales.
  • Answering The Social Media Call For Customer Service
    Businesses without a customer service social media strategy put reputation and customer loyalty at risk.
  • Making A 'Maverick' Out Of CRM?
    The new year kicked off the announcement that Mark Cuban (read: guy with a basketball team, a crazy-good marketing blog, a failed bid for glory on "Dancing With the Stars," a Bieber haircut and plenty of disposable income) just sunk a little pocket change into a new CRM-du-jour flavor of the month. (Nimble.)
  • Your Conversational Website As A CRM Tool
    It's a new year and amid all the pundits telling us that this will be the year of the (fill in the blank, depending on who's doing the forecasting), it seems to me that online marketing may need to get back to basics for a while. No matter what other esoteric e-marketing techniques may be in style, to my mind, marketing in 2012 is still about two things: getting the customer to your website, and getting the customer to make a purchase there.
  • Utilizing Video To Enhance CRM
    As technology continues to evolve and the number of communication channels increases, there are countless ways to reach your customers. However, more emphasis is being placed on online video communication to drive customer interaction, increase sales and maximize efficiency.