• Engaging Consumers To Buy
    Marketers need to create engaging and rewarding experiences, paying close attention to ensuring that sales associates are better prepared to sell to customer needs and wants, delivering self-guided technology-based demonstrations, and including customers' interactions and feedback at every possible step of the process. By placing a significant emphasis on customer engagement and interaction, marketers can keep customers coming back for more.
  • Outsourcing Customer Relationships In A Customer-Centric World
    This is the face of the new outsourcer -- driven to establish loyal, long-term strategic relationships with end customers on behalf of their clients. Customer service is quickly becoming a critical intelligence source for marketing organizations. As this trend continues, businesses and their outsourced customer service vendors must find ways to achieve greater integration.
  • Stop Trying To Be The Nordstrom Of Your Industry
    Sometimes I wonder why a company is trying so hard to wow me -- what are they trying to mask using their service personnel? Take the off-the-cuff platitude, "Is there anything else I can do for you today?" offered at the end of a transaction. Take all that energy spent trying to exceed my expectations and apply it to your other processes. Then maybe I'll be happier about the whole experience.
  • Change In Customer Behavior Is A Lasting Legacy Of Economic Downturn
    Generating profitable growth under such circumstances calls for a combination of operational efficiency, analytical insight and disciplined innovation. Companies with these elements in place will be well-positioned to accelerate growth and achieve high performance.