• When CRM Equals Client Relationship Management
    As agencies, one of our responsibilities to our clients is to understand, if not lead, how to maintain our clients' relationships with their customers. But, how are we doing the same to maintain our relationship with our clients? How are we handling our Client Relationship Management?
  • Your Customers, Their Service Experience And Your Bottom Line
    Offering a compelling and unique service is not enough for a services-based strategy to succeed. Consumers are clear in their belief that the ability of service personnel to effectively perform the service and to represent the selling company is central to securing their loyalty.
  • Should Online Marketers Change Their Campaigns, Simply For the Sake of Change? Absolutely!
    Normalization isn't your fault and some great minds are baffled by why it happens, but all agree that it does. Consider it and build your strategy around making changes for the sake of change, before results suffer.
  • The Importance Of Listening To Customers To Drive Innovation
    Good sales people should be listening more than speaking. When they are speaking, they should be asking questions. Ensure that your employees, at all levels, are asking for customer insight and feedback.