• Creating A Winning Strategy For Building Customer Loyalty
    An important first step in building and retaining customer loyalty might be a review of current deployment of analytics to make sure that customer insights are both identified and incorporated into key decisions about product development and channel utilization.
  • Uncover A Hidden Source Of Creativity For Your Business
    As marketing professionals, great ideas are probably our most important asset. Great marketers need to generate and communicate visionary ideas long before a new product or service is finalized and ready for consumption. But where do these great ideas come from?
  • Putting The R Back In CRM
    Should e-commerce companies and online retailers develop their own in-house daily deals strategy?
  • Ready Or Not, Here Comes More Retargeting
    Through it all, though, one thing is clear -- retargeting is going to continue and in all kinds of different forms. The future of retargeting is not just about a more highly evolved message tied to a product you viewed online or a variation of scaling offers until you buy. It's going to become as much about where as it is about what.