• 7 Strategies To Protect Customer Identities In A Work-at-Home Environment
    Landing a job in today's tough economic times is difficult. People often must commute many miles because their local community has limited opportunities. With this in mind, more and more customer care call centers are initiating opportunities for agents to work from home. Rather than driving a long distance to sit at a desk, agents now have the luxury of doing their jobs and providing customer care from the comfort of their own home.
  • Seating For 2 Or 2,000,000?
    Are your CRM efforts aimed at a "big tent" strategy or just a pup tent? Do you know?
  • Great CRM Is All About Live Data
    You're hearing it here, if not first, then at least loud and clear: demographic data is dead. Over. Fini. And that's great news for customer relationship management!
  • How Developing Technologies Mold Customers
    The phone. The computer. The Internet. The introduction of these major technological developments has substantially changed business behavior. As technology continues to improve and consumers become savvier, we will no doubt see even more changes in the way media is consumed and business is conducted.