• New Strategies for Customer Relationship Management
    Integrate your customer care and collections operations to enhance customer relationships, reduce collection costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Facebook Is Your New CRM
    Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, punish me with telemarketer calls! Forget everything you have read about CRM needing to be a tool you install, a program that you launch, or a team of "experts" you need to hire. After watching the Facebook "fMC" webcast and the new FB tools launching, Facebook is likely your best investment for CRM.
  • Just Tryin' To Keep The Customer Satisfied
    It's not just a Paul Simon song. Part of the job of doing good customer relationship management is making sure that everyone is, in fact, satisfied and-hopefully-happy.
  • Crazy Customer Relationship Management
    I always joke that in my next life, I will come back as a customer. Earlier in my career, I was almost always the "sales guy," the "vendor" or the "supplier." I would like to think I was viewed as a partner, but I'm sure that was not always the case. Along the way, we have all encountered the "crazy" customer. A crazy customer is not necessarily a bad customer, and in many cases, they can actually be good customers. A "good" customer is narrowly defined by sales management and the finance department as "someone who buys stuff and pays ...