• Kick Off A Successful Voice Of The Customer Program In 2012 - Start By Listening To Your Own Voice!
    Many agree that listening to the voice of the customer is becoming more critical, but sometimes it's not clear where to begin when launching a broader corporate initiative. Organizations that have successfully implemented a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program often started by looking to the Voice of the Employee (VoE) first. This move makes perfect sense, as it's difficult to achieve an excellent customer experience if your employees are unhappy.
  • CRM And The City
    Taking your CRM efforts and creating personas around user behavior is not a new idea. In fact, most marketers have already earned their stripes creating deep, targeted user profiles based on data they have and trends they see; the user falls into a particular bucket and they are marketed to accordingly, end of story.
  • Measuring Customer Relationship Success
    Metrics. They're important to every marketer, and becoming even more so. We can only understand what we can measure, and we can only measure what we can provide analytics for.
  • CCRM: Consulting Customer Relationship Management
    Managing customers through a complex sales process can be challenging, especially in a technology sale, where there will always be multiple constituencies within the enterprise one is targeting. Getting "buy in" from all these parties is difficult enough, but what happens after you are successful in getting all the stakeholders on board? You have gotten to "yes" but, in many cases, the "what" to which these different parties have agreed might be dissimilar. For example, marketing will have a different understanding and goals than IT, and of course, we all know what the thoughts are of finance and accounting.