Gross, Can You Rate Rejection?
    For some of our clients the focus seems to always be around opt-in vs. opt-out only in outbound management. But what about other categories of "no" from customers as it relates to email? Are you also tracking "abuse" complaints, spam reports, hard bounce, black-listing and quarantines?
    5 Steps To Successful CRM In Online Marketing
    Here's a test: go to your search engine of choice and enter "CRM" as your search term. If your results are anything like mine, what you're going to find are pages and pages of offers of automated CRM solutions: CRM software, CRM tools, CRM downloads, CRM products.
    How Self-service Tools Affect CRM
    As technology continues to progress, customers are following suit and are more educated and savvy in terms of the technology they utilize. For this reason, many customers seek and prefer self-service options. While the enthusiasm for technology is great for business, how does this do-it-yourself (DIY) approach affect customer relationships and loyalty?
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