• The Right Strategies For 2013 - Part II
    Are you ready for 2013? Now's the time to work on next year's CRM strategy. In my previous article, I provided tips on how an organization can more effectively mobilize itself internally. This second piece provides a perspective on how to approach the external planning process differently to set up for success in the next year.
  • Not Too Chicken To Have A Beef
    What the Chick-Fil-A media storm tells us about CRM.
  • Bring Them Back With Live Data: Going Beyond The Shopping Cart
    One perennial source of frustration for e-marketers is when a qualified prospect comes to your website, clicks on various pages and items, and leaves ... without making a purchase. In the world of brick-and-mortar stores, this is called browsing. In the online world, it's called a lost opportunity!
  • Is Social A Marketing Tool Or A CRM Tool?
    The rise of social media has forever altered the way people and businesses communicate. The explosion of social has been tremendous, as Facebook closes in on one billion consumers and Twitter approaches 200 million, not to mention emerging platforms like Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Second-Screen Viewing: The Next CRM Tool?
    When was the last time you watched a television show without checking your email, playing a game of Words with Friends or scanning the Web for additional information? When was the last time you attended a conference without tweeting? Can't remember, right?
  • Tools Of The Informed Marketer
    Much has been debated and written about the changing role of marketing. Regardless of your opinion on the topic, it's clear that today's marketing looks almost nothing like the practices of just 10 years ago.
  • Are You Ready for 2013? Here's How to Start Planning
    We're midway through the summer, and planning for 2013 has already gotten started. Now's the time to reconsider budgets and assess new investments to figure out how your brand can amplify its consumer relationships. With that in mind, I've put together a two-part series on what every CRM executive should focus on as they plan for the new year: 1) your internal organization and 2) your external vision.