• B2B Content: Why It's Crucial For Your Customer Relationships, And How To Get Started
    Once you've figured out what your audience wants to see, you can start thinking about what kind of content to produce. Much of that content probably already exists in raw form within your company. But before you publish it, there are guidelines you'll want to follow.
  • Blowing Up Your Dormant Database
    The science of targeted reactivation is pretty simple in its definition: waking up the seemingly dormant connections you already have in order to make them more frequent purchasers or reigniting their interest and "passion" for your product or service.
  • Power Up Your VoC Program: Provide Feedback On Customer Feedback
    This is likely to provide incentive for customers to continue suggesting input in the future, knowing that someone is listening to their comments.
  • Privacy And CRM -- How Far Can You Go?
    The online marketer must never abuse the trust that is core to the opt-in process, but take advantage of the flip side of the loss of privacy and use it to bolster customers' convenience.
  • Eat Your Own Dog Food -- And Other Challenges To Using CRM Tools
    Over the past few decades, CRM has evolved extensively. The genesis of CRM was really database management. For the last 25 years, I have worked in sales and sales management for several organizations, and I don't think there is a CRM tool that has existed in that time span that I haven't used. Lotus spreadsheets, ACT, Siebel, SAP, Oracle; you get the picture.