Why Do I Still Get So Much Junk Mail In The Era Of Big Data?
    It's amazing how much junk mail we continue to receive, considering the cost and waste associated with each mailing that gets tossed into the recycle bin daily. In many cases, I get the same letter from the same company about a dozen times. If I haven't responded after the first five mailings, you'd think they might cease efforts. And, worse than junk mail are the evening phone calls from telemarketers with non-relevant offers.
    Thrash & Burn CRM
    A long-time e-commerce colleague reached out to me for a "cocktail and complaining" session while she was in town recently. Seems her new role as "Guru of All Things CRM" at a big retailer was becoming a bit of a hazard, thanks to her boss in the corner office who might be reading a few too many white papers.
    Best Practices For Year-End Marketing
    We're coming up on the end of the holiday sales season, and every emarketer has one objective in mind: sell. Sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible. And it's working: a recent report by Custora says that by Dec. 5, sales were up 13% over last year.
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