• Customer Service: Myth Or Miracle Cure
    Start looking at your business from a profit per-square-foot perspective and not sales growth in comp stores vs. a year ago. However the street looks at it, you look at it in a way that authentically grows the business for you, your vendors and your sales people. The street will come around once you've proven that moving goods at deeply discounted prices to raise the revenue line isn't the same as a long-term business strategy. And, you'll have the money to reward and encourage great customer service.
  • Attract Loyal Customers By Creating A Magnetic Brand
    Your job is to figure out what motivates your best customers. You need psychological insights into the motivations behind your customers' behaviors -- how they think and feel about your brand. These consumer insights will provide the business lens needed to evaluate marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and product innovations.
  • Shampoo Marketing
    New customers shouldn't get all of your attention -- there are quite a few benefits (for both you and to consumers) when you begin to focus on existing customers.
  • Mining The Largest 'Focus Group' Ever
    Today's marketers gain new insights from customer intelligence right inside their businesses.