• Creating Optimized Customer Experiences When Loyalty, CRM Come Together
    Ask marketers or loyalty marketing service providers (L-MSPs) what will be a common 2013 theme and they'll tell you "convergence" - just like 2012.
  • Social Media Engagement In 5 Easy Steps
    One of the most significant trends in customer engagement over the last three years is the rise of social media outside marketing and inside customer service. Social media is moving beyond contacts and interactions to a culture of community and collaboration for the most engaged and customer-centric companies.
  • Providing Service, Not Just Merchandise
    I recently moved into an apartment in New York City. Though I have lived in other apartments, I never actually managed to acquire many "investment pieces" over the past several years. Moving in, I didn't own a bed, couch, chair, table, nightstand; in the past, people had either furnished the place already, or I found myself sleeping on an air mattress (note: you can buy some pretty nice air mattresses these days). As a result, this new apartment required some new home purchases; so for the past month I have been thrust into the world of home goods and furnishings.
  • Stepping On The Scale
    So it's that time of year when you take advantage of the hopeful, cleansing and prosperous thoughts of a new year and look to leave behind all the past transgressions. Knowing you sort of "blew it out" over the holidays, it's time to suck in, face the music and step on the scale.
  • Customer Acquisition Management: Your Key To Success In 2013
    If you're reading this now, it's because you know-and care-about the importance of great customer relationship management. Congratulations: that's the best way to maintain and grow your business in 2013! But a mistake that many marketers make-and that you may be making as well-is in believing that great CRM starts after a customer comes on board.
  • Communicating With The Always-Connected Customer
    Remember the days when billboards, direct mailings and television commercials were the major tools in marketing and advertising? Now, we're all bombarded with brand messaging while playing games on our phones, embedded in articles we read online and even on screens while riding in a taxi.