Wednesday, August 18, 2004
  • Biggest Advertisers Drive First Half Ad Spending, Pols, Olympics Big Contributors

    Propelled by a boom in political campaign budgets, ad spending in the major media tracked by Nielsen Media Research rose 6.4 percent during the … Read the whole story

  • Einstein's Corner: It Only Hurts When I Laugh--Part III

    During the past two weeks, I've written about how we as marketers resort to more and more deceptive marketing and advertising tactics as a … Read the whole story

  • Classifieds Surge Propels Q2 Newspaper Ad Growth

    While the newspaper world struggles to recover the faith of advertisers after an unprecedented series of circulation scandals and battles with the Internet's threat … Read the whole story

  • Arbitron Ends Radio Ratings Standoff With Viacom's Infinity Unit

    In an important resolution to a high-profiles standoff for the radio industry, Arbitron late Tuesday said it signed Viacom's Infinity Broadcasting unit to a … Read the whole story

  • Cox Family Offers To Take Cable Biggie Private

    At a time when some observers think it might be prudent to begin cashing out of the cable TV business, a group controlling the … Read the whole story