Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  • Verizon Sees Progress With FiOS TV Rollout

    Verizon CFO Doreen Toben said Monday the company is making "steady progress" with the rollout of its FiOS TV service. The "telco TV" offering … Read the whole story

  • It's Official, And Anticlimactic: Wal-Mart Taps Draft, Carat

    A week after news leaked that Wal-Mart had tapped Interpublic's Draft FCB and Aegis Group's Carat as its new ad agency team, the big … Read the whole story

  • Leading U.S. Newspapers Take Huge Circ Hits

    Newspapers are taking big hits across the board, according to the most recent semi-annual FAS-FAX report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). During … Read the whole story

  • Brandtique: Starter

    With the never-ending menu of reality-competition shows, marketers have become enamored with playing sugar daddy. In the process, they can become blinded by their … Read the whole story

  • Baseball Gives Fox Sunday, But NFL Gives NBC A Strong Second

    There's nothing like "America's Team" to give a broadcast TV network a shot in the arm. NBC's "Sunday Night Football" shot up to a … Read the whole story

  • Product Placements Of The Week

    1 - Kenmore Pro 2 - Johnsonville Twizzlers 3 - Sea World 4 - Maserati 5 - Durex CondomsClick here to view these placements. … Read the whole story

  • Columnist Gets It Wrong, NBC Says 'Studio 60' Stays Onboard

    A Fox News report that NBC's heavily promoted "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" would be dropped from the schedule created a frisson Monday, … Read the whole story

  • Licensing Dean Martin: That's Amore!

    Just in time for Halloween, Dean Martin has joined Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Jerry Garcia and a parade of other lucrative corpses whose estates … Read the whole story