MediaPost Weekend Editions for October 2015
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015
J&J Consolidates $2.6 Billion Global Media Assignment With J3
MRC Issues Ad Fraud Rules
Digital Video Fraud, Viewability And The $50 Rolex
Programmatic Market Tightens As Traders Fly To 'Quality'
TiVo To TV Ratings Marketplace: How's Free, Is Free Good Enough For You?
Paid-Search Spending Cools As Advertisers Keep Powder Dry For Holiday Blitz
Walk Softly In Skinny Jeans & Carry A Barbell: The New 'Donny!'
The Man Who Caught A Fish
The Bandwidth Economy: Part Two
Trustworthy Accountability Group Unveils Anti-Fraud Program
People Allowed To Tinker With Tablets And Smart TVs, Copyright Office Says
Dish Deploys Programmatic Linear TV Platform, Enables RTB For Addressable TV Ads
Next Up On The Weather Channel: IBM's Own Watson
Wanted -- No, Needed: Digital Philosophers
Bot Fraud Seizes One-Third Of Publisher Revenues
The Eye Of The Beholder (This One's A Beaut!)
Ad Tech To Be Investigated by K-Also-2, Oh, And R
TV's Bronze Ages
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015
Bot Fraud Seizes One-Third Of Publisher Revenues
ANA Awards 'Transparency' Project, Begins With Confidential Interviews
Top Network Shows Hard Hit By C3 Ratings
Yahoo, Google Strike Deal For Use Of Search Ads
Maybe You Should Stop Calling It 'Mobile'?
Barbie & 'Playboy': Both Busting Moves On The Internet Of Gendered Things
The Bandwidth Economy
The Bandwidth Economy: Part Two
U.S. Online Ad Revenues Hit $27.5B In First Half Of 2015
Media Trading Volume Expands, Reaches Highest September Yet
Digital Fingerprinting Poses 'Real Danger' To Internet, Watchdog Tells FTC
The Pot Calling The Kettle Blocked
Dentsu Aegis Forms New Global Network Around MKTG
Media Ad Spend Up 6%, Digital Gains
A Mass Medium Without Mass Media: Live TV Losing Default Status
Maybe Television ISN'T The New Television
Future Prospects Upbeat For Media Companies, Interactive Media Leads Growth
When Roll Is Called Up Yonder, Will Ad Data Collection Fall On Side Of Angels?
Ex-Microsoft CEO Ballmer Takes 4% Stake In Twitter
What Conditions Are Required For Innovation?
Reimagining E-Commerce
To Stop The Ad-Blockers, Forget About The Ads
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015
Tomorrowland Today: Demo Day At Disney Accelerator
When Roll Is Called Up Yonder, Will Ad Data Collection Fall On Side Of Angels?
IAB 'Leans' Into Ad Block Solution, Says 'We Messed Up'
Ad-Blocking Horse Leaves; IAB Closes Barn Door
Least Objectionable Programmatic
In Massively Fragmented TV World, Is Content Still King For Media Owners?
He's Back! Bogusky Returns To Advertising, This Time It's Programmatic Video
If You Can't Handle The Truth: The Third Steve Jobs Movie
Promote Presidential Debate Like Prizefight -- And Ratings Soar
Democratic Presidential Debate: Record Results, Less Viewers Than GOP
Real-Time With Presidential Sites: Sanders Wins Indies, Where's 'Hilary?'
Magazine Industry Guarantees Ad Effectiveness
NFL Scores Higher Ad Revenues, Ratings
Wal-Mart Ups Digital Bets, Preps New Ads For In-Store Pickup
Dissin' Data
Shhh - Mitch Oscar Has A Secret: This Time It's Programmatic
Long-Term Customer Loyalty, Engagement On The Decline
Lack Of Transparency Causes $10 Billion Loss In Mobile
Guns And Posers
Dell To Acquire EMC For $67B, Along With 'Crown Jewels' VMware
Nielsen Expands Mobile Measurement
Digital Tech, Social Connections Dominate Loyalty Index
Kinetic Worldwide To Launch Programmatic For OOH Media
NBC Leads In Key Ratings, 'Sunday Night Football' Still Tops
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015
Real-Time With WPP's $4 Billion Man
NBC Leads In Key Ratings, 'Sunday Night Football' Still Tops
Griddle Me This: How Vast Is The McBreakfast Club?
Mondelez Splits $2 Billion Media Account Between Carat And SMG
What Can Brands Do With Virtual Reality As It Gets Real?
Verizon Revises Behavioral Targeting Program, But Privacy Concerns Persist
Native Optimism Remains High, But Begins Eroding: Agencies More Bullish Than Clients
Lawmakers Call For Stronger Do-Not-Track Standards
Ad Blocking Could Lead To Better Ads
Real Tease Blog: The Native Edition
Downward Mobility: Growth Declining As Mobile Time Spent Reaches Saturation
Taco Bell Consolidates $300 Million Media Assignment With SMG's Spark
Study Says Uber Putting The Brakes On New Car Sales
EU Scraps Cross-Border Privacy Agreement, Imperils Thousands Of US Businesses
Amazon Strengthens Its Position As First Search Destination
Consumers In The Wild
Blocking The Blockers - Are Publishers Preparing To Call Time On Digital Shoplifters?
Rentrak Starts TV Ratings Service For Syndicated Programs
Disney Finds Emotion Next Targeting Metric For Advertising, Marketing
Next On Consumers' To-Block List: Content Marketing!
Cross-Channel Campaign Study Confirms Integrated Data Required For Success
The Marketing Of Mayhem
Kraft Heinz Conducts Agency Review
Consumers To Retailers: Prove You Know Me Better
Weathering Advertising Week: Advertising For Good?
Google Goes For 100% Ad Viewability