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Wednesday, December 27, 2017
  • Ozy Media Expands Sales Teams, Hires From 'NYT,' Complex Media

    The online news start-up, which covers politics, culture, sports, food and tech, appointed Matthew Zander and Parry Moss as sales directors of the East … Read the whole story

  • Top Conservative Sites Experience Declines In November

    Seventeen of the top 20 conservative websites tracked by TheRighting, a media company that aggregates articles and content from right-wing media outlets, experienced declines … Read the whole story

  • Brand Authenticity Key In Era Of Digital Overload

    In 2018, it's crucial to understand how media brands can set themselves apart in a time of endless choices, information overload and misleading news … Read the whole story

  • Oath Tests 4 Ad Units On Mobile

    Oath has launched an internal "innovation council" focusing on ad experiences that support the estimated 70% of people visiting or using its platform on … Read the whole story