Television News Daily Editions for November 2016
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
Comedy Not Yet Aired Earns Second Season From Proud Pop
Trump Retains Earned Media Edge To End
Pro-Trump Priest Uses Aborted Fetus In Video
World Series Narrows C3 Ratings Margins
Ant And Dec Sign New Three-Year Deal With ITV
TV Station Groups Post Strong Stock Hikes
Mary Berry Gets New BBC Cooking Show
NFL Kicks Off Millennial-Driven Marketing Campaign
Google Doubles Down On Video, Mobile As It Sees Exponential Growth
GoPro Sticks To A Script
PepsiCo, Fox 'Hidden Figures' Contest Supports Next-Gen Female Scientists
Live From New York, Dave Chappelle Uses 'SNL' As A BS Pulpit
New TV Leverage: Hard Ground For Pay TV, New Media
Television News Daily - Monday, Nov. 14, 2016
Why Bother? NatGeo Series Makes Case For Mars Mission
Baseball Propels Fox To TV Lead
Fewer NFL Ads? Other TV Content Does It
Research Vet Schwartz Succeeds Scanzoni As GroupM Investment Chief, Will Oversee $30 Billion
You Want Outrage? Try A Tax On Netflix!
BBC Picks Tremor Video's Seller Platform
OTT Planning And Buying: The Dream Vs. Current Realities
Ho Ho Hooking Up Grandma's House For The Holidays
President. Elect. Trump.
Morton Salt Helps Home Chefs Open Pop-Up Restaurants
The Power Of Video: 4 Examples Of Sight, Sound, Motion And Data
FCC Raises Concerns Over AT&T's Zero-Rating Practices
'Gronk' Goes Bon Jovi For EA's Madden
AT&T To Throttle Mobile Video To DVD Quality
Television News Daily - Friday, Nov. 11, 2016
Nets Expect Ad Hesitation Post-Election Due To Surprising Presidential Results
How Trump Win Explains Future Of TV Advertising
Message To P.R. People: Stop 'Reaching Out' To Me, OK?
How Do Emotional Ads Impact Us?
Wolf Blitzer Angry At Trump For Rejection Of Press Etiquette
TV Networks Rethink Earned Media For Future Presidential Runs
Cable TV News Nets Score Big Ad Election Revenues
Trump Blames Protests On The Media
Pay TV Subscribers Decline
What Happens When Sports Leaves The Networks?
Disney Files Mixed Earnings, ESPN Reports Declines
ITV Forecasts A 7% Drop In Ad Sales This Christmas
Pay-TV Customers Poised to Snip, Mobile Viewing Up
Rubicon Project Reports Video Ad Spikes After Election
Why Trump Is The Uber Of Politics
Campaign Showcases Bilingual Features Of A Remote With A Message About Inclusiveness
Mobile-First, Then Digital-First -- How 2016 Transitions Into 2017
Digital Engagement Index
Media To Play Crucial Role During A Trump Administration
Television News Daily - Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016
What Have You Done With Our Lady Mary?
CNN, Fox Post Big Election Night Results
Election Data Proved A Big-League Failure
Former Cablevision Execs Buy Audience/Analytics Company
Will Trump Have A Media Enemies List?
4As: What The Election Results Mean For Advertising
Measuring TV 2.0
Adobe To Acquire Video Ad Platform TubeMogul For $540M
What The Election Means For Marketers
Sears Goes Rogue With Elf TV
Gap Harnesses Optimism In Holiday Ads
HGTV, Food Network Shows Exit Neflix Soon
Why Did Trump Win? It Was the Twitter, Stupid
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016
Out-Of-Touch News Media Was Totally Clueless
Next Presidential TV Candidate's Media View: Hate it, Cajole it, Rinse And Repeat
It's Time To Scrap C3 And Bring Back Program Ratings
Dish Network Q3: Higher Revs, Lower Pay TV Subscribers
Make America Grate Again!
Viacom Posts Another Rough Quarter, Ads Drop 8%
Videology Sees Growth Spurt In Advanced Linear TV Ad Inventory
Infiniti Encourages Drivers To Start 'New Tradition'
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016
To Paraphrase J. Peterman On 'Seinfeld,' Thank You For A Job ... Done
Local TV Spot Ads Pull In Most Revenue, Major TV Groups Dominate
Ads Focus On Relief From The Election
Election Night At Last!
Nexstar Grows Core Ads By 4% In 3Q Despite Lower Political Buys
When Should We Expect Today's Election To Be Called?
Return Of Tour De Trump - New TV Bike Race With Balls?
Gray Television: Higher Overall Revs, Retrans Up 30%
ITV And Havas Reveal AI Tool For US Election Night Coverage
Clinton Dominates Top 10 Most-Aired Swing-State TV Ads Of 2016
Channel 5 Records First Back-To-Back Profit
Long, Live, Raw Fight For White House Is Over
Local News Consumption Strongly Linked To Civic Engagement
Programmatic Video Plays Crucial Role In 2016 Political Digital Strategy
Television News Daily - Monday, Nov. 7, 2016
Clinton Spot Says Trump Is Coarsening America, But That Ship Has Sailed
Nielsen Completes Cable Universe Review, Concludes November's Decline Was Accurate
Facebook To Deliver Ads Via Roku, Apple TV
Beware The Native Of Brazile
On-Screen Interactive iPowow Broadens Into Ad-Rev Share Deals
PBS Will Stream Short 'Odd Squad' Version
TV Addressability: Return To Sender, Frequency Unknown
Scripps Networks Interactive Grabs High Ad Sales, Up 7%
Hundreds Of Newsrooms Join Forces To Help Spot Voting Problems
A November Surprise: Nielsen Sticks To Its Downbeat News For Cable Networks
MRC Updates 'Sophisticated Invalid Traffic' Accreditation: comScore Claims First For Both Content, Campaigns
China Plans Crackdown On Live Streaming
AT&T/Time Warner Merger: Opportunities And Potential Piftalls
Wickes Signs Channel 4 Home Improvement Show Deal
A False Equivalence Fallacy Is Undermining The Presidential Election
Obamacare, Netflix, Skinny Bundles And Comcast
Television News Daily - Friday, Nov. 4, 2016
Searching For Something To Watch? It Takes Longer These Days
Countdown: Presidential Candidates Push Local TV Ad Spend
Facebook To Test TV Ads Via Set-Top Boxes
Facebook Ad Load Issue: Can Legacy TV Offer Some Counseling?
Scatter, Upfront Deals Accelerate CBS Q4 Ad Sales
Splice Is Nice: Bud Has Harry Caray Call Game 7
Media Companies Flip The Digital Switch
Score! Big Viewership For Final Game Of World Series
You Have To Get Up Pretty Early To Sell Anything
E.W. Scripps Q3: Higher Political, Flat Core Advertising
Tremor Video Sees Q3 Revenue Weakness, Programmatic Spend Up
Google Assisting NFL On YouTube VR Series
Television News Daily - Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016
The World Series: Brought To You By Television
Fox Cable Ad Revs Up, Broadcast Dips
Warner Bros. Chooses Merkle For Digital Media
What's The Journalistic Upside To Political Analysts?
AMC Revs Drop 10%, Subscriber Fees Up
$44 Million In Political Advertising In The Next 6 Days
May The Best Skinny Bundle Rule
Sinclair Makes Overall Q3 Gains, Boosted By Political Ads
Hefty Takes Out The 'Trash': Political Ads On CNN And Other Channels
AT&T Merger With Time Warner Could Lead To Net Neutrality Violations, Lawmaker Warns
Mainstreaming Mindfulness: Headspace Launches First Ad Campaign
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016
Local TV Political Ad Spend Is Well Below Expected Levels
Why Netflix Is Still The Best Thing Ever
Hulu To Launch New TV Streaming Service, Fox And Disney Sign On
The Future Of TV Measurement: Q&A With Commerce Signals' Paulisick
Tegna Starts OTT Ad-Selling Company
New York-Based Devito/Verdi Wins 11 Hatch Awards For Super-Cheesy Furniture Retailer
Turner's Q3 Revs Up 9%, CNN Ratings Soar
Will TV Get Its Share Of Mobile TV Ads?
Translation Helps The NBA Further Explain 'Why We Play'
New PBR Campaign Full Of Bull, Cowboys, Steven Tyler
Burberry, Macy's Get Cinematic For Holiday
Digital Engagement Index
'TV Blog' Marks No. 600, Reflects Back On Era Of Massive Change
May The Best Skinny Bundle Rule
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