'Third Re-Emergence' Of Consumers Will Drive Media Habits

PlaceIQ expects to see a repeat of seasonal consumer behavior patterns that will affect media-buying strategies for different kinds of advertisers as the pandemic approaches its third year.  The analysis forecasts retailers, malls, and restaurants can expect an uptick in foot traffic from late February into early March from this "third re-emergence" of consumers.  As people emerge from their homes and spend more time in their cars, they'll also spend more time listening to the radio and other programming, according to an analysis by Pierre Bovard of Cumulus Media/Westwood One.

Overall interest in brand messaging remained solid, with 25% of viewers saying commercials are their favorite part of the game and 32% preferring to see the actual game. But, the most significant jump in interest was in the halftime show performance, with 12% last year to 23% this year of respondents saying this is their favorite part of the Super Bowl.