Cindy Timmons

Airpush Mobile Director

For the past 12+ years, Cindy Timmons has successfully worked with hundreds of direct marketers, agencies and brands to develop large scale digital and mobile acquisition campaigns & sales channels. Cindy is currently the Mobile Sales Director at Airpush Inc., the 2nd largest Mobile Ad Network for Android. She is responsible for creating new market opportunities, by identifying and helping companies launch engagement and performance based campaigns across their global network. Prior to Airpush, She spent 8 years leading business development, emerging markets and client management teams at Commission Junction, the largest global affiliate network.

Meet Cindy at:

Promotional Convergence
Date/Time: 5:00 PM
Consumers can be reached closer to their buying decisions than ever before. Innovations in promotional marketing, including real-time coupons redeemable directly through a credit card purchase, and mobile/location based marketing are changing the game. It's all about reducing redemption friction, reaching consumers where they are and where they are most likely to act.

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