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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Redbox Expanding To 4K UHD In 6 Major Markets

    The roll-out is limited to Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Miami, Detroit and New York City. That puts UHD videos in 2,500 Redbox locations. Read the whole story

  • Sourcepoint Launches CMP Solution To Help Publishers Navigate GDPR Compliance

    The new rules regulate how companies doing business in Europe can obtain consent from those consumers before collecting their personal data, and how they ... Read the whole story

  • Forrester Calls Amazon, Voice New Search Opportunities

    The Forrester report suggests retail brands will invest 55% more in online marketing and advertising by 2023 and less in traditional search channels as ... Read the whole story

  • Voice Is The New Black

    Media has to change every couple of years, or it gets old. We had print, then radio, then TV. Along came the Internet, then ... Read the whole story

  • GDPR Will Curtail Zuckerberg? Don't Be So Ridiculous

    The law could have been written by tech giants who swap a service we can't do without for data we are happy to share. Read the whole story