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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • Connected Gadgets Expected At Holiday Meals

    Three out of 10 adults expect to use their smartphone or tablet at the dinner table at Christmas. Read the whole story

  • Mixed-Reality App Installs Forecast To Hit 10 Billion By 2024

    In order for advertising to become appealing to high-spending advertisers over mixed-reality content, Juniper Research recommends that ad processes mirror those in the wider ... Read the whole story

  • Disney Bigfoots It Into The Streaming Wars This Week

    A giant shoe is as good a metaphor as any to usher in the launch of Disney+ this week as the entertainment colossus enters ... Read the whole story

  • GDPR Panic Is Over - Time To Worry About Brexit

    DMA figures suggest GDPR was a win-win -- but now marketers are concerned over Brexit and data flows. Read the whole story