XP's Adoption Rate Slower than Windows 98

  • May 13, 2003
WebSideStory, Inc. yesterday reported that Microsoft Windows XP is now being used by more than one-third of Internet users worldwide and is by far the most popular operating system version on the Web. As of May 7, 2003, Windows XP had a global Web usage share of nearly 35%, about 10 percentage points higher than the next most popular version, Windows 98, according to WebSideStory's HitBox StatMarket. Global usage share is the percentage of Internet visitors who are using a particular operating system. Despite significant growth, Windows XP has taken three times longer than Windows 98 to capture one-third of the market. Windows XP first reached 33% global usage share in late March 2003, nearly 18 months after its launch in October 2001. Windows 98, on the other hand, reached the same benchmark in January 1999, only six months after its launch.
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