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NY: City Without Newspapers (But Fake News Reports) For A Day

  • Gigaom, Wednesday, October 31, 2012 3:05 PM

Hurricane Sandy's effect on media hub New York City's production and consumption of content "has in some ways been stranger than the storm," writes Matthew Flamm in Crain's New York Business.  For one, "there were no newspapers on newsstands—if newsstands were open—across large portions of the city on Tuesday." Flamm details other ways New York companies and consumers coped with the storm, from New York Daily News staffers relocating to New Jersey to work, to Time Warner Cable's overnight interruption of, and then resumption of, cable service (when we were cut off from a Spencer Tracy movie retrospective on TCM, which presumably our cats enjoyed when service was resumed at 4 a.m.).

Meanwhile, a New York man tweeted "false and alarming news report" during Sandy's worst hours, leading to debates on whether or not his use of "a media platform at the height of an emergency to promote panic and anxiety" could be considered a criminal act, according to Jeff John Roberts.



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