Twitter Forms Political Action Committee

Joining a number of tech heavyweights, Twitter has announced the formation of its own political action committee, and the appointment of a registered lobbyist.

Dubbed Twitter#PAC, the new organization is expected to support a number of issues close to Twitter's heart, including Internet privacy, the First Amendment, patent law, and government surveillance.

Closely connected to Washington policymakers, Google, Microsoft and Facebook each have their own PACs.

How much do tech giants typically spend in their efforts to influence Washington? Well, during an average quarter last year, Google spent $5.03 million on lobbying fees -- tripling its spend from the same period a year -- according to disclosure reports filed in the U.S. Senate’s lobbying database. Microsoft spent a more modest $1.8 million on lobbying during an average quarter last year, while Facebook spent $650,000.

Last year, Google’s lobbying strategy focused on SOPA, patent reform, data privacy and accountability, online advertising regulation, intellectual property and trademark issues. The search giants also addressed cybersecurity and online privacy, renewable energy, freedom of expression and censorship, among an array of issues.

William Carty, Twitter's policy manager, will now advocate on the company's behalf as a registered lobbyist.

Before joining Twitter late last year, Carty served as an aide to Republican members of the Senate, as well as the House commerce committee.

The Washington Post first reported the news of Twitter's new PAC on Friday



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