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New App Launched for Fast Food Delivery

I’ve got a pretty bad addiction to restaurant delivery service Seamless, but even I’ll admit it’s not perfect — sometimes there’s a long wait for food that shows up cold, and sometimes I get stuck in a rut, wanting to try something different but unwilling to gamble on a new restaurant or weird-sounding dish. And yes, when I indulge that addiction often enough, things can get pretty pricey. Maple is launching today with the promise of a better experience. It’s backed by Momofuku chef David Chang, so it has plenty of foodie cred. To be clear, Maple isn’t just delivering food from existing restaurants. Instead, like Sprig andSpoonrocket, it both prepares and delivers the food itself. As outlined by co-founders Caleb Merkl and Akshay Navle, as well as their executive chef Soa Davies, the company is trying to rethink the delivery experience, so that it’s not just an add-on to an existing business.



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