The MIB’s Get Keys To Mercedes

  • May 21, 2002
Intensifying its brand strategy to reach out to a wide range of audiences, Mercedes-Benz has announced a national marketing partnership tied to Columbia Pictures' "Men in Black II" (MIB II). The film, which opens July 3rd, features the all-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which goes on sale in the U.S. in September.

An all-new 2003 E500 has an integral and prominent role in MIB II as the 'new hotness car.' A special E-Class feature in the film is a keyless remote control that summons the car to the Agents Jay and Kay "at a blink of an eye," and is driven by a remote controlled agent that is sucked back into the air bag before the two film stars enter the vehicle.

The partnership goes beyond a simple product placement or promotional tie-in. Instead, Mercedes-Benz will coordinate an integrated promotional campaign with the studio involving:

  • Creative inclusion of the 2003 all-new Mercedes-Benz E500 in the film;
  • Use of "Men in Black II" version of the MIB Strike Cruiser Vehicle toy produced by Hasbro;
  • An online sweepstakes for 5 pairs of winners to receive tickets to the LA premiere of Men in Black II on June 26;
  • A summer 2002 local screening program with invitational screenings in major markets on July 9,10,11;
  • A direct marketing campaign for Mercedes-Benz customers and prospects to see Men in Black II gratis, at their leisure after the debut, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA and Movie Magic.

    The MIB II effort marks the first time Mercedes-Benz has granted the use of its logo for a licensed children's toy. The MIB Strike Cruiser, a spaceship operated by the MIB agents to pursue the lead alien's spaceship, morphs into the all-new E-Class in the movie. The toy spaceship -- which is being sold with a 3-3/4-inch MIB II toy agent (Agent Jay) -- is manufactured by Hasbro and will hit store shelves in mid-June.

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