WFA Finds 'State Of Advertising' Shifting From Awareness To Performance

If there was any doubt that marketers have shifted to a "performance" mindset from an "awareness" oriented one, a new study released today by he World Federation of Advertisers should put that to rest.

The study, which was conducted in collaboration with The Economist, was released at the Cannes Media Lions festival in France this week and it shows a dramatic shift in the perceived effectiveness of performance vs. awareness over the past five years.

That shouldn't be surprising to some given the rise of digital channels in the marketing mix and the emphasis on generating real-time and/or short-term conversions and commerce vs. the classic longer-term approach to brand-building that historically was the focus of advertising in legacy media.



The study, which surveyed WFA members in June on "The State of Advertising," also found that clutter and ad blocking have emerged as the chief "enemies" of advertising effectiveness.

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