Association Of Magazine Editors Blasts Efforts To Ban Teaching 1619 Project

The American Association of Magazine Editors (ASME) has condemned efforts to ban the teaching of the 1619 Project, which explores the history of racism in America. It ws published by The New York Times Magazine. 

In a statement issued on Tuesday, ASME notes that legislators in Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Texas and other states have attempted to ban educators from assigning material from the 1619 Project to their students. 

The 1619 Project was created by Nikole Hannah-Jones, a three-time winner of the National Magazine Award and a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for the work. 

Hannah-Jones was recently denied tenure by the University of North Carolina after her involvement with the 1618 Project caused a conservative backlash. 

Efforts to ban the project are occurring as states and conservative groups strenuously oppose the teaching of what is called Critical Race Theory, largely on the grounds that it reflects badly on the U.S. 



The ASME statement argues: to “study, debate, analyze and critique her work, and all work of equivalent scope and ambition, is part of what being a student is about; to suppress such work is a grave offense against the principle of free thought.” 

The NYT has come out in support of the ASME commentary. 

“The ASME letter highlights how a number of state lawmakers around the country have introduced bills that would ban discussions of The 1619 Project, an important work of journalism that explores the legacy of slavery in America,” Times leaders A.C. Sulzberger, Dean Baquet and Jake Silverstein tweeted on Tuesday.  



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  1. Mark Dubis from The Dubis Group, June 16, 2021 at 12:09 p.m.

    Great to see states, their leaders, and educators in those states working to stop the racist 1619 Project from getting close to our children. These proponents and the communist-leaning New York Times are working hard to destroy our country by teaching falsehoods to our children. This is not education this is indoctrination. 

    It's been clear that we are no longer open to discussions or debates about issues and free speech is being squelched at every turn.  

    Please share with me the name of any college where they encourage conservative speakers on campus to offer another viewpoint that is counter to the socialist professors in the classrooms. 

    Here is an accurate video discussing the 1619 project. 

    Highlights from the 1610 report says:  

    1. The 1619 project says that capitalism is a form of totalitarianism. 
    2.  Slavery is the model for modern American entrepreneurial capitalism 
    3. We should pay reparations for slavery  

    Clearly this is all hogwash.  Nikole Hannah-Jones is clearly ignorant of the facts and is working on her own agenda. 

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