'Atlanta Journal Constitution' May Drop Weekday Print

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution may join the roster of news dailies that have reduced their print presence. 

The paper is considering a reduction of its daily print product next year, according to Saporta Report, based on unnamed sources within the newsroom. But the Journal-Constitution says no decision has been made.  

According to the Saporta report, the title would drop its weekly daily print product, continuing as a digital daily. But it would maintain its weekend print edition. 

The newspaper addressed the issue with employees. 

“You may have seen the story today, which says the AJC plans to discontinue seven-day print publications," wrote Bala Sundaramoorthy, vice president and general manager of the Atlantic Journal-Constitution, in an email sent to staff, Saporta reports.. “We’ve been upfront about our plans for a digital future, and we know this day will eventually come, but as of now, no concrete decision has been made to reduce our print schedule.”



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