NC Policy Watch Is Rebranded As NC Newsline

States Newsroom has relaunched NC Policy Watch as NC Newsline, a name that “better reflects our ambition to provide a relentless stream of reporting that connects the people of North Carolina to the policy that shapes their daily lives,” states NC Newsline Editor Rob Schofield. 

Ownership of NC Policy Watch was transferred from the North Carolina Justice Center to States Newsroom in February of this year. The product was founded in 2004 by Chris Fitzsimon, publisher and director of States Newsroom.

“NC Policy Watch has experienced an evolution from its beginnings as a small outlet keeping tabs on North Carolina leaders to an important fixture in the state’s news ecosystem,” Fitzsimon states.

In a related development States Newsroom  was selected by the Pew Charitable Trusts to be the new home of Stateline .This combines the two state policy-focused organizations and allows them to expand their reporting on state government around the country.




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